300. Got Eeeem!


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Kicking off the all new, huge 300th episode spectacular … is a good old fashioned prank call.


Got Eeeem!



Next up is a poor woman who is being completely misunderstood by her employers.├é┬áRachel Dolezal is a proud black woman and is(was) the leader of the NAACP’s Spokane chapter… Her only crime? She was white. And let’s be honest, when has being white ever been a crime? Wokka wokka!


How can you tell?



Now to some real crimes… Two men escaped from an upstate New York prison. How you ask? By using power tools obtained by his sewing class teacher. Andy Dufresne ain’t got shit on these two.



Two men escape prison...


These two are not impressed.



A quick video from Jimmy Kimmel making fun of Hillary Clinton’s awkward laughs over the years. This could be our next President people…


Hey Hillary, have a laugh!



Finally, to end the 300th episode with a bang, Carrie decides to go out in style with a never before attempted on the TMC airwaves…


Dont want to sit on those nasty toilets?


When you don't want to pee hard, P EZ!




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