298. Chewie, We’re Home


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We start off with the musical stylings of the Tommy Seebach version of “Apache”, complete with cheesy video and all.


Jump on it!




Welcome to TMCtheShow



Happy Seebach Family Hair Photo






As so often happens, the gang wanders down a hallway, this time on YouTube. Here is, according to Youtube’s suggested videos,”Worst music video ever


Losing You


Jan Terri



Then there was the “Diarrhea Dance” (click me!)


How do YOU learn engrish?



Now to the meat and potatoes of our show, Justin Bieber wants to get serious for a moment…


Lemme get serious tho...


Can we even call this a roast?



Next up on the docket, a cute little story about a teacher trying to do nice things for his students by baking them some cookies.


Special Ingredient?



Next up, TMC geeks out over the newest Star Wars trailer, and Carrie needs to find something absorbent for her crotch when she sees a certain smuggler for the first time.


Return of the Franchise

Chewie, Carrie is crying at home.


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