288. Don’t Wanna Cooch Contusion


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Not it is not an illusion… There is a brand new TMCtheShow show today!

The gang had a brief hiatus during this hectic summer, but are back and revved up to do a new show together, and here it is!!!

Fresh off of their 4th of July together, they come together in the studio to give a bang up show to all of you! They jump right into it with what is probably the biggest crew of rapperssingers since Wu Tang Clan. TMCtheShow is proud to introduce to you (at least from themselves) a Turquoise Jeep Records production: Lemme Smang It. Listen to it. Love it. Become as obsessed with it as Thad is.


Lemme Sang It Girl!



Next up, Mike wants to tackle a big summer film he saw recently. Hear Mike’s review of Maleficent: Rape Survivor


...just right over her, behind this hut...



Next up, things shift a bit more real as they discuss the firing of Anthony Cumia of the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius/XM. Listen in to hear on whether they think he should have been fired, or what should be done next.


Anthony Cumia Fired



Carrie decided that our ears were way too comfy and figured we could use another dose of Yoko Ono, this time from the Glastonbury music festival. Shield your ears in three…two…


Somehow, she keeps getting gigs...



It was great to get back in the swing of thing, and we hope you are as excited to get back to listening to TMCtheShow, as we had recording the show and “getting the band back together”. Thanks as always for listening!

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