283. Somebody Grab Her Baby!


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Have you ever been so mad at your ears you want to hurt them to get back at them? Well then the gang has just the song for you. Yoko Ono wants us to stop the violence, but then makes an audible attack on our eardrums.


Yoko Ono "singing"



Carrie tells the boys about the Salute to the Beatles concert to tie in nicely with listening to Yoko Ono. You think they’d did it for fun?


The Beatles minus the Yoko



Next up is a lovely story about how a neighborly patron of the restaurant Carrie and Thaddeus were at found Thaddeus beautiful.  A beautiful American!


Thaddeus, Beautiful American!



Everybody’s favorite celebrity seemingly always in the news these days…. It’s Bieber time! How dare people look to deport such a valuable asset for our great country!


Would you want Bieber deported?



Now, the headliner of the show. This young lady was responsible enough to ask somebody to hold her baby while she goes to beat up another passenger on the bus.


Somebody Grab Her Baby!


To bring it back around full circle, Yoko Ono comes back to give commentary on this video, as well as a couple others mentioned. The interwebz are such a fun, and informative place to pull videos from.

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