281. Beware The Swiss Cheese Bandit


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The gang kicks of this brand new and exciting episode diving right into the critically acclaimed and lyrical genius of Kane West and his lovely and modest wife Kim Kardashian riding a motorcycle across the american landscape in Bound 2.


Bound 2



Kanye then comes back to assure us that Kim, in fact, is not a Hobbit in this South Park clip.


Are you sure?



Sometimes a tragedy can still bring comedy. A shooting at a theater in Tampa over texting is sad. A man being stupid while being interviewed about the shooting, can be funny.


I dont know who threw popcorn



After going viral, a video of a mom trying to beat her kids after acting up in a grocery store, it turns out it was staged. TMC is saddened by this news.


Anything to get noticed?



A warning to anyone who lives in Pennsylvania, or love to eat Swiss cheese. Beware the “Swiss Cheese Bandit”!


Swiss cheese pervert on the loose!



Did you join in the world wide no pants event where you ride the subway, in your town, without your trousers?


Worldwide phenomenon



Thank you, as always, for checking us out and giving a listen. We appreciate you!

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