280. MC Serchin’ For Piccolo Players


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New year, same hilarity! We bring in the new year with an oldie but goodie. Mike revives the famous Piccolo Player joke, by Robin Harris, For Carrie’s Birfday. Then the boys serenade her with their version of Happy Birthday.

Who called my piccolo player a mutha fucka?



The African Aide is at it again. Whether it be a raw bacon sandwich, or corn “soup” on a plate, she is a force to be reckoned with.


Corn soup?




Extreme Cheapskates, another fine show over at the TLC network, creeped its way into the show where we learn how to cook lasagna in the dishwasher.


Delicious Dishwasher Lasagna



Everyone’s favorite football player turned murderer (allegedly) is looking for a pardon from our president since he is rumored to have brain cancer.


Poor OJ



MC Serch, of 3rd Bass fame, is now asking the hard hitting questions in his own day time talk show. Move over Jerry Springer, you just got Serched!


Serchin' For Answers



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