279. I Love Chinese Food on Saturday


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We are back folks, with an all new and exciting show full of awesome music, great commercials and a brand new show dealing with the tragedies dealing with 911 calls. We also, with great pride, bring back our beloved Christwanika Tree. Bask in all its glory.


Christwanika Tree









In great TMC tradition, we bring you up and coming hit songs from the interwebs. First up is a delightful little song by Alison Gold called Chinese Food. If you ever wanted to wear a panda suit to a young girl’s slumber party, this might be the video for you!


She loves Chinese food, and Pandas



Carrie found a Dunkin Donuts commercial she is just in love with. You can laugh along with us by going here: Out of Dunkin? (Use right-click -> open in new tab to not leave the page, sorry)


We have a situation...



If TMCtheShow ever needs a sign language interpreter to translate our hilarity… this may not be the guy to hire.


Background checks?



A new show Carrie found on TLC called “Outrageous 911”


Hmmm, this hole in the pool seems to be sucking in...


Carries new obsession



Michael missed the show again, but at least he had a better excuse that his alarm not going off. He has been out fighting crime. Here is the first glimpse of his new costume:


New crime fighting outfit?




Black is back!!! Rebecca that is. In what may be the greatest sequel of all time next to Empire Strikes Back, Rebecca Black brings to you a follow up to her hit song Friday. Without further ado, we bring to you Saturday.


Eating cereal on Saturday



Thanks as always for listening and happy holidays from us here at TMCtheShow!

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