278. Canadian Ford Follies


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All Canadia, all the time! We hit all the hot topics dealing with “The Land Up There”. From Tom Green to Rob Ford to Thaddeus’ excursion to the “Great White North”, we cover it all.


Oh Canadia!


We start with “The Bum Bum Song and a look back at some funny moment from Tom Green from back in the day.We talk about his show on MTV from the 90’s as well as newly finding his new interview show on axs.tv. Check your local TV listings.


My Bum is on you show


Rob Ford may officially be our hero. This guy is a rock star. We are all aware of his Crack issues, but aparently he has no issues getting something to eat in the bedroom.


The most interesting mayor in Canadia



Thaddeus begins his tale with the Pickle Doritos he brought back from Canada. He has the gang try them in all their pickley glory.



Taste the pickley goodness


Part one of Thad’s epic story of travel to Toronto begins. Find out all the follies that ensued as he just tries to meet up with Andrew Best Balls in the Land of Canadia right here! Here are some clues to some of the obstacles that stand in the way of what is supposed to be a nice weekend away.



Flying the friendly skies?


Let me find your luggage...


"Good news, we were able to give you an upgrade..."


Find out the rest of the story in next weeks exciting episode of TMCtheShow! Same TMC time, same TMC channel.

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