262. Don’t Worry About Tough Questions… You’re Pretty


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Ever get a tough question and get a little flustered? Sure, it happens to everyone. Even beautiful people at pageants. First is Miss Utah, and then we bring back an oldie but goodie from Miss South Carolina… such as.


Education, not for the beautiful.


Such as... The Iraq


Carrie and Michael introduce Precious Plum to the show, seems like it could be a keeper.


Precious Plum


A few weeks ago Carrie and Thaddeus went to support Michael in a play he was performing in. A Lady Spain Productions Presents: A Patient’s View

Here is a brief review and discussion of the play.

A Patient's View







Justin Bieber is at it again, this time allegedly hitting a person with his car as he was leaving a comedy club. What will that little scamp come up with next?


Justin and Lil' Twist


We leave you all with a quote of the week from Amanda Bynes’ Twitter account. Enjoy!


A New Segment?





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