261. Masturbation Situations?


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We have a very special guest on this episode of TMCtheShow! Andrew Best Balls of the “Land of Canadia” joins us via Skype. He helps us deal with the allegations against Rob Ford, Canadian mayor, accused of having a crack addiction. Andrew helps us clear the air up there, as well as fill us in on his new Squash career.



Andrew Best Balls?


Amanda Bynes seems to be the gift that keeps on giving for us recently. Controversial pictures, twitter wars and seemingly crazy behavior has kept he near the top of the news feed for the past couple of weeks.



Winky eye?


A crazy story coming out of Brazil where a boy has apparently died after masturbating 42 consecutive times in one night. The question is…who counted?



It's all about moderation.


Then, apparently you aren’t allowed to masturbate in front of young girls on a plane anymore.



Where's the proof?


Thanks to Andrew “Best Balls” for coming on the show today and Happy Birthday to our own Mike! 43 years young!

One Response to “261. Masturbation Situations?”

  1. 10 years ago
    Best Balls said…

    Thanks guys Its was fun

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