260. The Bionic Carrie


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Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic podcaster. Carrie will be that podcaster, better than she was before. Better, sexier, funnier.


Lindsey Wagner or Carrie with blonde hair?



Transitioning smoothly to a woman who does not like to leave the rodeo early, lest she bite your penis. She wanted to stay, and dance… and most likely have sex with the entire audience.



Mike's pickup line to the newscaster: "la cucaracha"


I don't want to leave the rodeo!!!



When you have an argument with your girlfriend and you really want to show her who’s boss…


Would have been good to read those beforehand...



Quickly rising to challenge Justin Bieber as “most talked about in consecutive shows” status, Amanda Bynes is back in the news. Between being accused of throwing bongs out of the window, and suing the cops in a counter harassment (hers of the sexual variety) allegation, she has the vagina slapping goodness to make it into today’s show!


Amanda in Court



What type of music do you play when picking up children from their school? How loud do you play it? Apparently, some people think its gangster rap, and REALLY loud! We close out our Memorial Day episode with a cute little story about common decency and courtesy for others. Or … something.


Where car come from?

No, no stop the music...



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