256. Holy Milk Batman!


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TMCtheShow wants to comfort you while you’re down. Ashtrays and Heartbreaks is a song about love, and uplifting hope. We pull you up from the depths and renew in you the strength to carry on along side Miley Cyrus and Snoop Lion (Yes the artist formerly known as Snoop Doggy Dog…)


Uplifting and Inspirational


Speaking of smoking weed… three silly gooses get caught smoking weed in a awkward place. There was a rather “shitty” hallway we went down during this, where Carrie tells of her impressive accomplishment, Thaddeus has some stories of “cleaning up” and Michael had a “special opening” on stage.


Cause I got high, cause I got high...

How am I gonna flush this?



If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours. Funny thing about my back though, it’s on my penis. And so is the Holy Spirit! Come get Jesus in your mouth!


Come get some Jesus... in your mouth!


Free Pussy! Its not just a chant, or the deal of the century. It is the rally cry for the Russian punk band Pussy Riot and their fans. You may remember we did a story about them being arrested a while back. Well the feminist rights group Femen is at it again. Putin seemingly enjoyed their bare-breasted protest though, so im not sure how effective it was.


Free Pussy!


Beyonce and Jay-Z traveled to Cuba. Somehow they were able to lift the embargo to be imported there.


Cuba's newest import


A Splash update for everyone, Carrie hates attractive women who touch Drake Bell.





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