255. Sh*ts, D*cks & Enemas


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A nice little diddy to brighten your morning (or whenever you are listening) about some fun little jokes you can play on your friends for April Fool’s Day! You’re welcome.


Ha ha ha!


The team breaks into some advertisements for Potato Chips and Bitstrips… We aren’t sure why?


Something for the Edwards


We aren’t sure how this goes with April Fools… but some kid from Buckwild died.


Insert redneck music here...


From the mind behind My Strange Addiction, TLC brings you My Crazy Obsession. This installment we have found/seen is about a lady who loves her rats. Like REALLY loves her rats…


My Crazy Obsession


Now some cute little stories about the panhandle state, Florida. First up The Shits. A woman needed to defecate,  which obviously leads you to take a dump on someones lawn. Naturally, when you need to clean up, you head on over to the guy’s pool.


At least I cleaned up after


The the Dicks. A woman decided that, while on a date, her meal at Applebees was just not enough. So she went for dessert in this man’s crotch.


Chomp, Chomp, Chomp


And last, but not least, The Enemas. What do you do with YOUR used enemas?


Scam or Scheme?


Somewhere the plugs go awry, but fear not, we are still at all the usual places. Thanks for listening!

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  1. 10 years ago
    Phoenix said…

    I finally changed my twitter! It’s @PhoenixGray1 @ the twitter! Lol

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