252. Punch Drunk Cooters


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Remember the guy that sang his original score for Dancing with the Stars for the producers? Well if not, no worries, we do!


Karl with a K


We give a recap of some of the train wreck moments from the season premiere. Wynonna Judd and DL Hugely showcased their… talents?


Dancing with the Enormous Stars


The gang discusses the birthdays of Thaddeus and Phoenix and we get a chance to hear about celebrating and stripping. Who had a short lived career on the pole?


Work that pole


And what conversation about stripping and skimpy outfits doesn’t lead us to MC Hammer?


Speaking of banana hammocks...


Where else do you go from stripping and MC’s Hammer, but to the Kid’s Choice Awards?


How will Josh Duhamel do?


Ever want to tell your friend on Facebook that his mom is ugly? Find out how here!





Ever get so angry or frustrated that you just want to punch someone in the va jay jay? Well then this video is for you!



Cooter Punch video we watched



Street performers are no joke. Their commitment to their craft is second to none. Patience is their friend, but drunk assholes can only go but so long before they need to be knocked the fuck out!


Just minding his own business...

He got knocked the fuck out…


Dont forget to watch for Splash as well, which we are looking forward to. Thanks for listening!

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