251. Excelsior True Beliebers!


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While dabbling into the age old question of which Superpowers would you want… we figure, with the newest addition to the show, Phoenix could use his uber comic nerddom to add his thoughts to the discussion. Learn (probably more than you wanted to) what the fellas want to add to the skills, and what some of the best, and worst superpowers are to have.




Poor Justin Bieber. Between getting sick on stage, and having to cancel shows due to poor sales in Portugal… The Biebs is having a rough stretch. Luckily he didnt slip and fall into it… like Thaddeus did when he was a kid. Yeah, that happened.


Baby, Baby...bleeeckk


Justin \”Upchuck\” Bieber

You can watch the whole train wreck of a concert, or just go to about the 2:00 mark.



Win one for the good guys. The Courts have overturned Mayor Bloomberg’s “Ban on Soda” over 16 oz.  A Supreme Court  judge called the ban “arbitrary and capricious.” Big Gulps for everyone!


Bogus Bloomberg Ban



As if that wasn’t good enough news, Phoenix decided to try his new toy our with some fun sound effects to enhance the conversation.


Fun with sound



2 Responses to “251. Excelsior True Beliebers!”

  1. 10 years ago
    Best Balls said…

    Bring back Carrie

  2. 10 years ago
    Thaddeus Smith said…

    Tell her to do more shows!

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