250. Do The Hebrew Shake


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No, TMCtheShow has not partaken in doing a Harlem Shake video…yet. But we have a jam packed show full of Canadians and Israelis.


You know an internet meme or sensation has jumped the shark when your local news team takes part. watch as the KSLA News team does their own version. Hilarity may, or may not ensue.


Cool, or shark jumping?


Watch them here


Do you ever confuse Alicia Silverstone with Reese Witherspoon? Was it her fault Batman & Robin sucked? Would a spot on Dancing With the Stars get her back in the limelight?



Whose fault was it this sucked?


Speaking of Batman… Do you ever want to take crime fighting into your own hands? Even if you did, would you follow through? Well, this man in the UK did both.



He is the night


Were you upset because your issue of Playboy was is boring old English? Did you ever say to yourself: “Self, I wish this was in Herbrew so I could read the articles.” Well now all your dreams have been answered.



For all your oppressed articles


Andrew “Best Balls” also known as Mr. Canadia to us, has kept us up to date recently on all things Canada, including one of our faves, Justin Bierber. Poor kid has had some problems recently and we here at TMCtheShow wish him all the best.


Poor Biebs


The guys end the show trying to explain the world of Naruto to Carrie. Yeah, im not sure why either.



Naruto vs Sasuke



2 Responses to “250. Do The Hebrew Shake”

  1. 10 years ago
    BEst Balls said…

    Alright made it on the show! WOOOO

  2. 10 years ago
    Thaddeus Smith said…

    We miss you my man!

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