249. Droppin’ Possums Like They’re Hot


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Fresh off a cruise, Carrie makes her triumphant return to give a recap of her vacation, and the Oscars.


Come sail away with me...


Phoenix has a new way to surprise people using a Ninja Smoke Bomb and a rather large apparatus.


Poppin' in and out


We couldn’t go two shows talking about the Oscars without this obligatory shot.


We love you J Law!


Dancing with the Stars announced their lineup for this upcoming season. We need to find the guy who tried to get his song used by them for commentary.


Dancing with the Stars 2013


Morrissey, of The Smiths fame, refused to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live due to not wanting to be on the show if the family from Duck Dynasty was on. Guess who won?


Against Duck Dynasty


Don't give a fuck



A heartwarming story about a cute little Opossum bringing in the New Year cheer way down south in good ole North Carolina.


Droppin' in the New Year Cheer


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One Response to “249. Droppin’ Possums Like They’re Hot”

  1. 10 years ago
    Mike said…

    Team Affleck in the house. Blacktopia welcomes Ben Affleck with open arms to film in our republic.

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