248. Horsemeat In Their Balls


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Its Oscar time again. Seth MacFarlane was the host, and there were lots of awards given out for the best of the best in movies this past year. Phoenix join Thaddeus and Mike to drink Rum and review the festivities.


"Funny Guy" Seth MaFarlane


Despite Mike having the bladder of a 3 year old, the guys get sidetracked from talking about horsemeat in the Sweedish Meatballs at Ikea to measure penises about new phones. Not to be outdone by getting his iPhone, Phoenix upstages Thad by talking about his his new Galaxy phone filled with pictures of half naked Kellan Lutz.


Phoenix's phone is hotter than Thad's


Phoenix left a nice surprise for Carrie. Wonder how it tastes now?


How's it taste now Carrie


We play music for Mike and Phoenix’s penises, and then hear a cute little story of a possible hate crime.


Ecstasy of Penis?


Thaddeus sits in awe (or horror) and he listens to the “Mike and Mike on Comics” segment of the show.


Did they create him just to kill him?


A love story about a man trying to hack and slash his way to his woman’s heart.


Video of Cleaver Man



Thanks for listening and join us again real soon!

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