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Happy President’s Day to all of you. Grab your drinks and take the ride with us.


Happy President's Day


Have you enjoyed a big juicy horse meat burger? No? Well if you ate at Burger King, you may just have.


Burger King Supplier?


You have seen the commercials. You know the jingle. “Five. Five Dollar. Five Dollar Foot Loooooong” But did you know, that your footlong sandwich, may in fact not be twelve inches? Well, Subway may be in some hot water due to coming up short of their advertising campaigns.


Five Dollar "Footlong"?


Is Forest Whitaker a shoplifter? Is an NYC Deli a bunch of frisking racists? Was this a case of “they all look alike”? Were his rights violated? Did he get away with free Twinkies? Find out all this and more in this riveting, Academy Award winning story, “Excuse me sir, I need to squeeze your balls in order to see if you stole something ’cause you’re black and I believe in stereotypes” the movie. Dot com.




Alec Baldwin in a scuff-up with paparazzi? How are we supposed to believe that? Racial slurs thrown around by a celebrity? Unbelieveable!


Alec can't catch a break 🙁


Is Amanda Bynes being evicted? Did she smoke weed? What does it matter, she’s hot.


Hot Child Star Pothead?


When do sex acts turn deadly? When you smother a man to death with your breasts.


Deadly Weapons?

North Carolina officials, led by Rep. Rayne Brown (R), want to arrest you if you expose your breasts. The AP reports that, depending on the intent of the exposure, women could face up to six months in prison for an errant areola, with “more mundane” exposure resulting in a 30-day sentence. What is this world coming to?


She is disgusted by boobies


Thanks to a new friend of the show. Costas (Gus/Constantinos, he’s Greek, he has alot of names) is going to be helping replace our old, dilapidated computer and runs a freelance computer business. So if you need a new computer (or refurbishing an old one) at reasonable prices, check him out.

Need a new PC?


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