216. We’re Hip, So We Call It The KCAs


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We are back with another episode of “Adventures in Dogsitting” with a call in from Carrie. Dont worry folks, the rumors of Carrie leaving the show was just a bad joke started by Thaddeus for April Fool’s. Mike played along blissfully at least.


Carrie let the dogs out.



Ever dedicated to bringing quality entertainment, the gang review their watching (and live tweeting by Carrie and Thad) of the Kid’s Choice Awards. no event is too big, or too small for TMCtheShow! Especially when the hosts are looking for barely legal spank bank material… allegedly. Here are some highlights:


Kristen Stewart was witty and not at all awkward on stage. Just as always.


Kristen "I am an actress, really" Stewart


Taylor Lautner won for best Ass Kicker, then took two loads to the face after doing pushups.


Nobody likes it in the face, unless they do.


And speaking of loads to the face… Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee) takes it in the face for the first time. Allegedly.


First time slime for Kurt


And speaking of loads on Mike’s TV…


Jennette "Where did those come from" McCurdy


For an older version of spank bank material.


They got Halle Berry too.


Turning a fat guy into  a sundae just seems cruel. #JustSayin


Poor Cee Lo Green


And the Coup de grâce (see, we can be highbrow if we want) at the end of the night, Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance after it was said he was not in attendance. Led by many shrills, he was greeted to a surprise (probably just as real as the surprise of him being there by the show).


Will Smith grabs Bieber from behind...

... and they both took shots to the face...

... and everyone was slimed in the end.


A quick (hopefully) recap of Wrestlemania 28. Which piece of hot beefcake won between The Rock and John Cena? Somehow, during it, we get into some hallways about Chicago Cubs bashing and making fun of G.I. Joe. Oh, and Jodie Foster getting raped as a metaphor for Mike’s problems with this year’s “Super Bowl of Wrestling”.




To put and end to Lisa and the non-Wrestling fans, Mike gives some shout outs to a few of our listeners from overseas, and our very own, with an injured duckie wing, Lisa.


Yo, Yo, YO!




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