215. Jesus juice


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J!   E!   T!   S!   JETS! JETS! JETS!

With the addition of Tim Tebow, the Jets (american football team for you non-Yanks) have stirred up a shit storm of questions and speculation. See, Mr. Tebow is known more for his spreading of the Jesus Juice than actually throwing the ole pigskin around. It has sparked quite the controversy in NY and we felt obligated to add our spin to the story.


Yes, that's his actual hair at one point.



Jack Bauer is trying a new tactic. Vulnerable and weak father. It doesn’t seem to be as effective as an interrogation tool as his son never talks, but we digress.


Tell me where the numbers are!



Thaddeus takes a trek to meet an inspiration of his, the great Kevin Smith. This is the tale of what happened, including all the Tough Shit.

For all things Kevin head to his website: http://viewaskew.com/main.html


The Man, the Myth, the Legend...



With the Road to Wrestlemania upon us, Mike and Thad take a few minutes to talk a little wrasslin’. Please don’t turn us off Lisa.


Once in a lifetime, and the end of an era.



Also, may we take a moment to say goodbye to a legend in the world of boxing. Mike had the pleasure of actually meeting him and always had great stories. RIP Mr. Bert Sugar. Your knowledge and presence will be missed.


RIP Bert Sugar

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