214. Bizarro Birthday Bash


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On a “Very Special Episode” of TMCtheShow, the gang celebrate Thaddeus’ birthday in an interesting way. Carrie and Mike tell Thad they have the show all planned out with gifts and special things planned of many of his favorite things. He sits back to enjoy, and starts to wonder what his friends are really up to.


Thad's favorite artist?



Carrie had some issues with getting some Slurpees (no guys, not that kind) Mike apparently got all hot and bothered (no ladies, not in that way) and got mad at Carrie for being an immature Slurpee maker.


It's no Rum Ham, but Rum Slurpee is still pretty good



Somehow our obsession with My Strange Addiction made it into the birthday bash. Is it a cry for help that the guys in love with his car came up?


No man, I REALLY love my car.



What’s better than news about super fantastico Mexican (and according to Mike, Thad’s favorite wrestler) Rey Mysterio serenaded by the soundtrack of Puerto Rico’s shining star J-Lo, and the best part… it dont matter the rocks that she got, she’s still just Jenny from the block.


Wrestler, or mexican jumping bean?


Jenny from the block



Now it was said that this was one of Thaddeus’ favorite songs, yet Mike is the one who knows all the lyrics and sings and dances along.


Don Johnson, Heartbeat



A couple of New York Mets stories that warm the cockles of your heart. Or, give you gonorrhea.  Either way. Enjoy these pictures that sum up the feelings nicely.


A new shirt to pump up sales

Poor Mr. Met


A very special snack from a very special guest. What goes better than this combo?


Orange cupcake and warm Coors Light. What can be better?


Thaddeus is presented with a special certificate of his “favorite movie” Carrie and Mike lay it on thick with supporting music and a made up language.


Special Certificate



Carrie and Mike may have gone over the edge this time, and Thaddeus will not be held responsible for what happens next. Who let this ‘Hole” in the studio?


Courtney Love; "Hole Lotta' Herpes"?



Surprise, fatty stuffed the whole cupcake in his mouth. Thanks guys!


Fatty McCupcake



Id like to take this time, as Thaddeus, to thank my co-hosts for a well thought out and eventful birthday show. It was a blast. To answer a few questions that may arise: Yes, I put Rum in my Slurpee, Yes, I shoved the whole cupcake in my mouth and yes, Mike did say he wants a Barbie cake. I hope you all have as much fun listening to the show, as I had for being a part of it. Enjoy, and thanks.

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