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Carrie was attacked by Vampires, and a boy chokes on marbles that his father gave him, and then dispensed the rest to more of his small friends at the boy’s funeral. TMC hits the real issues going deep into wordy math problems given to 3rd graders. Quite the epidemic the show delves into so early in the show.


One dead child, ha ha ha



What’s your Strange Addiction? Do you have Pica? You may if you have the desire to eat things like dirt, or sponges and soap. Bright side, she’s a cheap date for dinner.





Welcome to Carl. He has a great new idea to spruce up Dancing With The Stars. He has made some lyrics to go with their opening theme song, and he preforms it for them (via YouTube of course) and lets them know hes available to do it live on the show. (You can find the full video in our Announcements section)





Now that they have a brand new song, they have announced the new cast for 2012. With fabulous and relevant stars like Martina Navratilova and Jaleel White, there’s no way this can’t be successful.


DWTS 2012 Cast



Holly Van Voast is a topless photojournalist, who was just minding her own business in St. Patrick’s Cathedral when those big meanies wanted her to leave. When she refused, she was unceremoniously arrested. TMC continues with the them of ground breaking journalism and dive right into this story. Find out more about Holly and her alter ego Harvey Van Toast on facebook, or see he albums here:



Holly Van Voast, topless photojournalist


Carrie sets up a tease for the next show, and Mike promptly blows it for her. You must love the chemistry and professionalism of this show. Thank you all for listening to this mess we call a podcast!

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