212. Very Last Train To Clarksville


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It’s the Oscars, and let the hilarity of Billy Crystal wash over you. We share his opening number with you, along with with key moments from the show.


Hey Gweneth, be a "Pal", and "Trow" me an Oscar!


Sacha Baron Cohen as his new character “The Dictator”, had a spontaneous moment with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan handles it with class and grace, and all the wit needed for live TV.


The Dictator and The Dick?



Carrie searches for the truth behind the phrase “Keepin’ ya kitchen tight” in a special expose. Going to a knowledgeable source (another black person) she delves deep into the world of head wraps and  uncovers some new meanings.


Aunt Jemima, keepin' her kitchen tight since 1889



Arthur Jones is doing his own expose on the lie that is the Holocaust. “…the biggest, blackest lie in history” We are sure this wont hurt his bid to get into the US Congress.


Arthur Jones: There was no Holocaust



Carrie continues to break controversial stories and uncovers a racist Beggin’ Strips. Dogs have been getting away with this crap for too long. No more we say, no more!


Racist Dogs?



Snooki is pregnant? No way that random sex with fist pumpin’ Guidos all these years could possibly culminate in her getting knocked up.





RIP to Monkees Legend Davy Jones. May he take that Last Train To Clarksville and finds peace in that great big sound studio in the sky. Good night, sweet prince.


Singing to Marsha

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