210. Grammylicious Vagina Flavored Granola Bars


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Not even in the studio, Mike tries to ruin a bit by answering his phone during Carrie and Thaddeus’ prank calls to his voicemail. They get him back on the line to yell at him.


Damn Mike!


Since Carrie missed Monday’s taping, Thaddeus gets her opinions on the Grammys and the death of Whitney Houston.


Luscious Lips


Randy Travis gets drunk and yells at churches in his spare time. One more reason to believe Country Music is boring.


New meaning to the term 'Mugging for the camera'?


The Con Edison sage continues with Carrie. Week 3: A Nation Held Hostage.


A reenactment of Carrie's driveway


Carrie, in her quest to eat healthier, has found a new granola bar to try.  Its got a special flavor we discover as well.


Special Flavor Granola Bars


Carrie’s Black History Month chase for a book for her son’s project, leaders to some interesting discoveries of influential African-Americans and their impact on our lives.


Black History Month Book Chase



3 Responses to “210. Grammylicious Vagina Flavored Granola Bars”

  1. 11 years ago
    Best Balls said…

    Carrie is that a granola bar in your mouth! Your catching mush mouth from Thaddeus

  2. 11 years ago
    mike said…

    Screw the both of you.

  3. 11 years ago
    Thaddeus Smith said…

    That was mean spirited Mike, and hurtful. You sir, are a big meanie.

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