208. I Stole Your Life Alert, Cause I’m More Rapeable


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First and foremost, congrats to the Super Bowl champs, the New York football Giants! Great game (unless you were a Patriots fan, I guess) and fun had by all.

2012 Super Bowl Champs

Carrie and Thaddeus discuss the commercials and the half time show by Madonna in all its awful glory. Here are some highlights (or low-lights if you will).




M.I.A flipping us off




Intertwined through our Super Bowl recap and at the end of it, we are treated to a cute heart warming story of Carrie’s encounter with  Con Edison (local NY power company) and the use of a certain life alert.


Who needs it most?


The Greg Kelly alleged rape case has finally come to conclusion. Find out who said what, who lied to whom, and how this thing will all shake out.


Shady Lady < Lying Cunt?


Who’s hungry? Well McDonald’s confirmed that it has eliminated the use of ammonium hydroxide — an ingredient in fertilizers, household cleaners and some roll-your-own explosives —  in its hamburger meat. So… you got that going for you.


Clown Cover Up?

Soft Serve Ice Cream, Or McDonalds Bugers?


Carrie and Thaddeus are beginning to brace themselves for the upcoming disaster that is known as New York Mets baseball. What awful slogan will they come up with to try to mask this shit show?

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