207. Love, Peace, Soul and TMC


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Oh Puxatony Phil, how much joy and scientific facts you have brought us over the years. Here is a little educational segment for you, so we can all learn a little more about this special holiday.


Jan Doyle, Groundhog Expert


Lets be honest. We all want to be a Jedi. Cool acrobatics, lightsabers, the ability to deflect stun darts from police after you attack customers in a toy store.


Jedi Jailed


Lady Gaga’s parents have opened have opened a├é┬árestaurant. Carrie seems upset about something, but we’re not sure what.


Lady Gag's Meat Suit as a dish?


We say a fond farewell to a music and television icon Don Cornelius, creator and host of Soul Train. Helping white people try to learn how to dance since 1971.


RIP Soul Man

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