206. Dirty Old Balls


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Everyone put your hands together for the Funky Fresh Senior Choir!

(We looked, and apparently there is not ongoing contest, and cannot find any information on actually hiring them. Thaddeus was quite disappointed. )


Funky Fresh Senior Choir


Speaking of “Dust Fuckers”… Thaddeus wanted to ask what she thought the legacy of Joe Paterno was, coming from a person who isnt a football fan. Was he a kid-toucher by association?


Joe Paterno


Who do you call when you need to fight terrorism? Ghostbusters? We think not? Let TMCtheShow get you pumped up for the new anti-terrorism movement, led by none other than… Marky Mark himself.


Anti-Terrorism Campaign


Not such a ‘Good Day New York’ for Greg Kelly, co-host of the morning show on local Fox stations here in NY. Kelly is in trouble for more than being unfunny, as he is involved in an alleged rape case. Though there are several dubious fact surrounding the circumstances in this case, this cannot be pleasant to deal with for the son of the NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.




Even though the Honey Badger dont give a shit, the man behind the YouTube sensation Randall does. Here is a little interview with our favorite nature commentator.


The man behind the Honey Badger


Do you like a ‘spicy meat-a-ball’? Well, Captain Francesco Schettino (of the recent cruise ship crash story) has given his reason for abandoning his ship. He tripped…into a life boat.


"I tripped"


Thank you to Lisa for your gifts to the sho… to Carrie. Thanks for thinking of all of… her. Tequila and chocolaty Espresso wine from Dutchlandia will go to good use im sure.

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