205. Show Us Your Golden Globes


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The beautiful melody brings us into our review of the Golden Globes last night. What F-Listers did TMC hang out with at the after parties. Carries leaves an unexpected surprise during the show, and fun was had by some.


Golden Globes, ya know...like balls.


A TMCtheShow fave, Ricky Gervais, was again the host and took it to the pretentious muckity mucks. Some laugh, some make mean faces, but at least he makes it somewhat interesting to watch. At least when hes the one delivering the jokes. Madonna teaches us, not everyone can be funny.


Gervais and Madonna


This poor girl, Sydney Spies, is being discriminated against just cause she’s a little whore bag… and it is not right. Or maybe it is, cause there are rules. Who can really tell?


Sydney Spies


Are you looking forward to planning your summer vacation? Thinking of a cruise maybe? Try looking for one other than Costa Cruiselines perhaps. After having two ships sink in several years and captains that don’t heed the “go down with your ship” motto, they seem less than reliable. Captain Francesco Schettino may need to rethink his career choices. I think the tragedy in all this was the magician trapped in his trick box when the ship ran aground.



Captain Francesco Schettino


Weird But True


Mike tries to handle the devastating news that all his hard work seducing Kristy McNichol to get to Jimmy was all for naught.

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