203. Stupid Is Stupid


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Who runs this mutha? Girls, of course. At least according to Beyonce and her band of dancing mercenaries. I mean, how can you not listen to a ruler who has Hyenas at her beck and call?

Who run this mutha? Girls. Girls with hyenas... apparently.


After taking over Lennox Hills Hospital in Manhattan, people are up in arms (and looking for their 15 minutes of fame) at how they were treated by the power couple.



Charlie Sheen is no longer crazy, according to Charlie Sheen.



Breaking news on the TMC ticker: Snoop Dogg arrested for… possession of  Marijuana. Shocking, I know.


Shocking News!


Jack Bauer is back, and hes touching people. Or…something, I may be getting confused.

Jack is Back!

Thaddeus is not only excited to be getting FiOS,  he is ecstatic to be leaving Time Warner Cable.


Thaddeus has chosen his winner

What would a Carrie-less show be without a bit of wrestling talk? The returns of Jericho and Kane dominate the WWE.


The Returns of Chris Jericho and Kane (not pictured here)

Congrats to the New York Football Giants for making the playoffs, and good luck to them moving forward.


Go Giants!

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