202. New Year, New Shows


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It 2012: The Year of TMCtheShow. Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest still think its all about them. Little do they know we are taking over! Oh and Dick, maybe its time to stop trying to count from 25 and be behind by a couple of seconds?


Ryan Loves Dick


Birds are getting fed up of fireworks. And then they are dying. Is this becoming an epidemic Arkansas?

Look out!

Can you guess any of the Top Ten Quotes of 2011? Neither could Thad.


Top Ten Quotes of 2011


Dennis Rodman is moving on to the next Venture in his life. Coaching. Rodman, a former NBA “Bady Boy” and Hall of Famer is looking to form a women’s team. In classic Rodman fashion, the women will, of course, be topless. Kelly Dwyer (author of the article this info was taken from) apparently does not like boobies and this makes Thaddeus mad.


Coach Rodman?


Thaddeus almost breaks the show and Carrie finds a TMC exclusive about our mayor and Mike.


Easy Thad!


Now fr more toilet humor and a medical warning for you all.


Close that lid!


Now for the Top5 Youtube Videos of 2011!!!


Fly little pop tart cat, fly!



You're so hilarious!




Holy Force Ghosts!


What day of the week is it?


Id like to formally apologize for missing the first portion of the song due to technical difficulties. I know you are all very disappointed and I hope some day I can make it up to you all.

Well, 2011 was a good year, but with 2012 being “The Year of TMCtheShow” we expect it to be a GREAT year! As always, we sincerely thank you all for listening and supporting us throughout this wacky ride of ours. May your 2012 bring you health, happiness, prosperity most importantly, more TMCtheShow!


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