200. Linger Your Pete?


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To get the 200th show off to a flying start, Carrie leads the boys in this years rendition of “O Christwanika Tree”. A jam packed episode full of holiday fun and great singing.

O Christwanika Tree


To get in the holiday spirit, the gang play some light-hearted and upbeat Christmas carols sung by the heavenly voice of Youtube sensation Jeremimi. Let the melodic excellence permeate your soul, wash over you like the slow trickling snow of our wintry dreams.



Happy Holidays


TMC is very excited about a new show. Now maybe it seems a little weird that this show will be on the Oprah Network…but we feel it will be justified. We present you with: Rollin’ With Zach.

Rollin' With Zach


Hulk Hogan’s messy divorce has gotten even uglier. Now that Linda has raked poor Hulk over the coals and raped his wallet but good, she decided to keep the good times rolling. In order to help book sales, she would bring up, for the first time of course, that Hulk was gay and abusive to her. She feared for her life, yet continued to spend his millions and do a television show together. Sounds pretty legit to me. [/sarcasm]

Raping the Hulk


Here is a cautionary tale of being careful when using your Twitter account to send private messaging. Charlie Sheen found this out the hard way.



TMC ends up with another soulful rendition by Jeremimi to send off with a happy note. Merry Christwanika and thanks for listening for 200 shows everyone!

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  1. 11 years ago
    Mike said…

    Coming to the Oprah Network Three Special People

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