199. Fairness and Justice in Society


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TMC pulls off quite a feat live from Rockefeller Center to watch Justin Bieber  perform the Little Drummer Boy. Rum pa pum pum bitches!

Rum pa pum pum


Was the Kardashian (Version Kim.0) wedding all just one big photo op and believed by many to be a farce? Did they return the gifts? Will Cris Humphries poor aunty get a refund for the toaster she bought them?

Farce, or photo op?

Thank all that is right with the world that Lindsay Lohan can now get the help she so desperately needs. This person will give her the strength she needs to carry on. May god bless Courtney Love for coming to the rescue!


Now a happy story about some kids with a dream. Occupy Wall Street has become a lesson to all about hard work and determination. I love the Irony in the photo below actually. These are people who are exhibiting the freedom to do as they please. Trying to stop others of their freedoms (walking freely in the streets, and earning a living) by standing around and causing trouble for others. Is the guy who needs to go to work every day and bust his ass just to cover his mortgage and feed his family really free like this woman is trying to insinuate?


A truly sad day in the comedy world, and in general, with the passing of Patrice Oneal. His style of brutally honest, and brilliant comedy will be missed. RIP

RIP Patrice

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