197. Love is a Battlefield For Jody Brenner


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Love is a Battlefield and sometimes you have greasy Mexican drug lords with a gold tooth who you don’t want to dance for. TMCtheShow says, stands up for your rights, for heartache to heartache we stand!

Love is a Battlefield


Justin Beiber vehemently denies he fathered a child. Is there no justice in this world where Justin Bieber cant just live in peace and look like a cute little lesbian along side his fag hag Selina Gomez?

You've been Biebed!


Conrad Murray got in trouble for something.

Conrad just helped Michael sleep... forever.


TMC was on the cutting edge and got their Andy Rooney story in before the shocking news of his passing. Who’d of thunk it?

Looney Rooney


Lindsay Lohan… Lowen?… Loan? Whatever. Anyways… shes in trouble, or something, again. Warren heard his named mentioned and decided to take this time to try to plug his Rock Rod, and Carrie. She would emphasize the word try.


Lindsay then…

Lindsay before a cruel world (and drugs) could weigh her down


And now:




Warren hijacking the show:

"Bootiful Cock"


Up next is a cute little love story about a Sk8tr Boi and his Bitchy Canadian GF. Brody, (or Jody Brenner as Carrie likes to call him) this is what you get when you try to break up a chick fight. Nice shirt in the picture too douche.

Nice shirt stupid! Avril dont care, Avril dont give a shit!


With the holidays fast approaching, Justin Bieber would like to let you know, that scandal or not, you can get his high ranking celebrity perfume for your loved one. For when you want to never say never to a lesbian, you can tell them they’ve been Biebed! If that’s too bubble gum for you, you can try Brittney’s Radiance. Too skanky? Try the light and airy Jennifer Aniston, by of course, Jennifer Aniston. Not aggressiveness enough? Well if you want to run this mutha… we have Heat, by Beyonce. Any occasion, or need you have, there’s a fragrance for you.

A fragrance for any occasion


TMCtheShow would also like to take this time to thank our “Rising Phoenix”, Michael, for stopping by and being a part of the show. It is always great to hear feedback and get participation from our fans, and we encourage everyone who listens to interact and let us know what is on your minds.

One Response to “197. Love is a Battlefield For Jody Brenner”

  1. 11 years ago
    mike said…

    @Michael Your turning ME down ? ….
    @Carrie .. You bitch
    @ Thaddeus you cocktwat.

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