196. A Tale of Two Comics


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It was the best of Comics, it was the worst … actually no, everything was pretty cool. Comic Con at the Javitz Center and Comic Diversity at the Laurie Beechman Theater.


Ha gotcha! You thought it was going to be another bad 80’s video. However TMC flips the script and does a relevant song about the opening story about Lady Gaga performing at the Clinton “Decade of Difference” celebration event. She also sang a song to Billary. Yes that Bill and Hillary, the new power couple!

She's no chubby intern, but I think Bubba would give it to her...


Where things went wrong at the MLK event in DC. Coverage from someone who was there… allegedly.


Would you watch a porn with a fake Saddam? C’mon, you know you would.

How many virgin will they get combined?


Updates on the Ashton Kutcher fuckery. Brittney spills more details.

Brittney Jones' Diary


Thaddeus had a jam-packed weekend. He went to Comic Con and a Comedy Diversity show to support Michael Pozniak on Friday night, pumpkin picking on Saturday and back to more Comic Con on Sunday.

NY Comic Con 2011


Comic Diversity is a group of lively Stand-Up Comedians. With a Retired Bus Driver, Actor, Public Speaker, Unemployed Paralegal, of course a Real Estate Broker (this is New York) and more, you won’t know what’s coming next!

So that’s their tag line. Here’s mine. They are funny. It a nice mix of comedeans, and its real as it’s “regular people” trying to make it doing what they love. What’s better than that? Check out our buddy Michael Pozniak and this group sometime.  http://www.comicdiversity.com

Comic Diversity


Thanks for listening as always!

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    Mike said…

    AAAAAAYYYYY Mrs C. let me grab your ass. AAAAAAYYYYYY

  2. 11 years ago
    mike said…

    fwweeet fweeet Mike’s rape whistle rules

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