195. Blame It On The Snake Poo


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Thank god for Milli and Vanilli. Now, no matter what goes wrong, we can just blame it on the rain.

As a smooth and seamless transition, we go from the musical styling of Milli Vanilli to the just as prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mike btches a bit again, and we make fun of him using Kiss. You know, the usual. Things were going alright until BlackMCtheShow busts in again. Mike, being the pussy he is doesnt come back in until hes gone. Something fishy is going on here.


First up is a nice story about people and pets and a situation we can all understand. Its from a man in Ohio who writes “Dear TMC, this may seem like a strange dedication request, but im quite sincere, and it would mean alot if you play it. Recently my girlfriend and I got into and argument and she grabbed a poisonous snake, so I grabbed it from her and shoved its excrement in her mouth to show her…”

Lets start again. Im coming out of the record. Play the record ok? Please. See when you come out of those uptempo goddamn BlackMCtheShow bits, man, its impossible to make those transitions, and then you gotta go into someone shoving snake shit in his girlfriends mouth. You know they do this to me all the time. I dont know what they do it for, but goddamn it if we can come out of a slow and quiet bit. I dont understand it. Is Don on the phone? Ok, I want a gaddamn concerted effort to come out of a bit that isnt a fucking uptempo BlackMCtheShow bit. And I also wanna know where are those pictures I was supposed to see this week? Ok, I digress…


Next up is a cute little story about a rock. I think the audio speaks for itself. (You dont even want to know what showed up in Google images for this one)


Moving right along, a much more sensitive and culturally appropriate story about Obama Fried Chicken. Seriously folks… we cant make this shit up. A couple of Asian people show up in studio to defend themselves about it. One of them even stays for the next story.

Complete with watermelons and grape soda

No seriously, next is a heart warming story and completely politically correct tale about the Lion King on Broadway. We acknowledge at this time, we know we are going to hell, so we figure why not enjoy the ride while we can.

A Very Special Performance

The show ends with another of Randall’s clips (remember Honey Badger?) This one is about the Stiffy Goat. Enjoy.

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