194. Honey Badger Don’t Care


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Honey Badger don’t give a shit. It just takes what it wants.


Carrie and Thaddeus getting together for a special Thursday morning edition, and start off right into a compliant about their local NY1 News. Poor people are just trying to bring everyone the local news, and weather on the ones.


Nothings Gonna Stop TMC Now while coming up with another sequel to Mannequin. Of course they put their own twist on things.

Plastic Love


Poor Ashton Kutcher. Hes in some hot water with the network for free advertising, and Demi Moore for not so free pussy.

This just in, Ashton is alot younger than Demi.


How relevant are Andy Rooney and Cindy Adams today? Not. Not relevant at all. Were they ever?


The Honey Badger don’t care. Honey Badger don’t give a shit. He takes what he wants. Listen to Randall become TMC’s favorite new “Nature Host” as he tells us about the Badass Honey Badger.

Honey Badger is pretty badass


2 Responses to “194. Honey Badger Don’t Care”

  1. 11 years ago
    carrie said…

    honey badger was the best! 1 of my favorite shows ever!

  2. 11 years ago
    mike said…

    i hear youuuuu

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