193. BlackMCtheShow


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Be afraid, be very afraid.

To open with a feel good moment, TMC is holding a telethon for Sly Stone, of the Family Stone, who has gone from a Hollywood mansion to a trailer parked in a residential area. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.


From Riches to Rags


Carrie calls in to help us in our tribute to Sly. The gang is still mystified why white people can not dance in any era. They recap the Sly video, the Charlie Sheenless Two and a Half Men’s season premiere and a myriad of other topics.



The show, at this point, is highjacked by BlackMCtheShow. Though angry, he did some great impressions and is obviously a big fan of the show as he brought up a bunch of call backs that some of the older fans should really enjoy. (or those of you who listened back to older shows… like you should be, as good fans)



TMC would like a moment of silence in memory of a fallen Icon. Arch West, credited with creating Doritos, has died at 97 years young. Gods speed, and may your fingers always be tinged orange from the Nacho Cheese.

RIP Arch West


Obama drops the white half and then drops his Gs. People be cryin’ and bitchin’!

Qwitcha Bitchin'!


Plugs get interesting with propositions of sex and a Macho sighting. Thank you everyone for listening.

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  1. 11 years ago
    tha dutchess said…

    Doritos and grape soda…all day every day!!!

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