180. The New X-Men


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Carrie returns with her “Tales of a Jetsetter” series and look to comment on many of the recent things while she’s been away.

    1. Thaddeus struggles to get Carrie to comprehend the issues presented at R-word.org
    2. The possible formation of a new Superhuman Group may have just been outlined.
    3. Spawning of not only a group that fights crime, it can then be spun into a comic and movie franchise, as well as possibly bringing back the Gladiator games. All Hail TMC! Are you not entertained?!?


Now there was an audio issue that seems to have cause a couple of hiccups throughout out the middle of the show. We are sorry for the issues and hope they do not distract you from all the hilarity jam packed into the show. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause during your listening pleasure.

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