178. Cummin’ and Dubbin’


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Gary is in studio for a special Sausage Party version of TMCtheShow.


Warning:  Large amounts of alcohol and potty talk. Listen at your own risk.

3 Responses to “178. Cummin’ and Dubbin’”

  1. 12 years ago
    gary said…

    Best show ever !!!

  2. 12 years ago
    Thaddeus Smith said…

    Well, we had a really kick ass guest in studio that day!

  3. 8 years ago
    Manoj said…

    Princess Grace is also one of my favorite prneicsses. Whether her life was truly as serene as she made it seem is doubtful (knowing her children’s tumultuous romances), but she always had that tranquil beauty.I was in awe of Princess Diana, too. Despite being so very young to have been married to a prince and thrust into the spotlight, for the most part, she dealt with her life with courage and honor. However, her unhappy love life makes me nudge her out of the top spot in favor of the new Princess Catherine, who seems to have so much dignity and grace and who seems to love her prince so much. I hope that Kate can bring the happiness, love, and tranquility to Prince William’s life that his mother so seemed to long for but could never attain.

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