The Show Hosts

Seven years ago, three friends had a dream…

Thaddeus, Mike and Carrie always dreamed of having their own TV or Radio show. Something they could use to make people laugh and give them an avenue for their crazy antics they did with their friends. With that dream most likely out of reach, they realized they had the next best thing waiting at their finger tips. Podcasting. With the help of Carrie’s husband Gary, who provided the proverbial push out of the nest, the three of them chipped in to buy equipment and started recording. The rest is TMCtheShow history…


About Thaddeus here.


What can be said about Mike? Well a lot of things, but we are his friends.
The ruler of Blacktopia enjoys life, laughter, and a good cigar now and then.
His views on love, family, politics, music, and telvision brings something to this podcast…
When we find out what it is, we’ll tell you.


The undisputed fairer sex.