TMC News Brief


This is Thaddeus reporting on updates from the TMCtheShow show.


Not only are we are caught up to date currently on new shows, but older archived shows are being shifted over now to the new site. What this means is basically, in time, all shows will be located here on this site, all the way from our very first episode Ignorante Fuks. For newer fans, I encourage you to listen to older shows when you can. Id love feedback on how you think we sound today compared to the early birth days of TMCtheShow.

This also means that once all shows are safe on the website FTP server (Thanks Marc) we can drop libsyn and make sure iTunes resumes picking up shows right from the new site! Sorry to those iTunes users that the show has been a bit more difficult to get to your devices, but in the end, the switch over will be worth it.

Thank you everyone, as always, for listening and supporting us. And a welcome to any new listeners/fans that have joined us recently. You interest helps us grow and will promise to continue to do our best to keep you all entertained.


Hugs and Kisses, this has been Ace Reporter Thaddeus, signing off. Thats TMC and thats the… ok so I dont really have a catch phrase yet… I will work on it.

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