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Nicki Minaj – The Night Is Still Young (Video) Cover by Pros & iCons

Rebecca Black may have the greatest sequel here, since Empire Strikes Back…

Who doesn’t love Chinese food after this?

Exciting News


TMCtheShow is excited and proud to tell you a bit of news from an affiliate and friend of the show.

Our friends over at The Mad Doser Presents are dedicated to helping aspiring authors, artists and entertainers everywhere gain exposure for their work and ways to access new audience members. To this end, they not only relaunched their site with a sexy new design, but are also holding a writing/short story contest. Entrants have the opportunity to get published as well as a chance at a $250 prize and being the feature story in their book.

They are also looking for models to help get exposure and for one to become the face of the franchise. A way to have a little fun and make some cash on the side.

Head over to The Mad Doser Presents for more information. Check them out if this, or similar things interest you. Its well worth a look.

ComicCon ’12 Update

Well Comic Con is finally here, and we are really excited!

Thaddeus will be doing all 4 days with various people.

Carrie and Mike will be joining him on Saturday and we will all be doing a show together that night. The plan is to hit up NYCC and then hit a bar or two (or few?) on the way back to the hotel. There we will be taping our first show of the weekend. There will likely be a show Sunday morning (depending on how hung over Carrie is) before heading back out for “Kid’s Day”.

Anyone interested and needing more information should email If you cant attend, we will be sure to have a drink on your behalf, and sluringly tell you about all the cool stuff you missed.

ComicCon ’12

Hello everyone. Show are being updated as I write this but I wanted to give everyone an update on our ComicCon plans.

It appears we will not be able to get a booth for this years NYCC, but we will still be attending. We will likely be attending at least one day and making a go of it in NYC by attending the show, hanging out at a bar and podcasting all the adventures (or mis-adventures as it may be) while staying in the city.

Anyone interested in going to the show, or hanging out with afterwards, please let us know and we can see what we can work out. More details will be coming as things start to flesh out closer.

ComicCon will be October 11-14 at the Javits Center, NYC

New DWTS Theme Song?

Rollin’ With Zach

Honey Badger Don’t Care

TMC’s newest favorite “Nature Host” That Honey Badger is pretty bad ass.

Check out my friend POZ doing a parody of “Mad World” called, “Bad Rash”

Hey all. This is a parody video from a local comic and friend of the show Micheal “Poz” Pozniak. It would be great if we all at least checked it out to support him. If you like it, even better and leave feedback and such. Thanks everyone!

Polyglas mean more than mileage, when your wife needs to drive alone.

TMC News Brief


This is Thaddeus reporting on updates from the TMCtheShow show.


Not only are we are caught up to date currently on new shows, but older archived shows are being shifted over now to the new site. What this means is basically, in time, all shows will be located here on this site, all the way from our very first episode Ignorante Fuks. For newer fans, I encourage you to listen to older shows when you can. Id love feedback on how you think we sound today compared to the early birth days of TMCtheShow.

This also means that once all shows are safe on the website FTP server (Thanks Marc) we can drop libsyn and make sure iTunes resumes picking up shows right from the new site! Sorry to those iTunes users that the show has been a bit more difficult to get to your devices, but in the end, the switch over will be worth it.

Thank you everyone, as always, for listening and supporting us. And a welcome to any new listeners/fans that have joined us recently. You interest helps us grow and will promise to continue to do our best to keep you all entertained.


Hugs and Kisses, this has been Ace Reporter Thaddeus, signing off. Thats TMC and thats the… ok so I dont really have a catch phrase yet… I will work on it.

Recent shows

Hello everyone, and first off id like to apologize for the delays in bringing some of these shows to you. Things have been a bit hectic, but we are back on track and are currently caught up to show 186 here on Aug 7th with a new one being taped tomorrow (Mon the 8th).


There has been something going on with the audio playbacks also. There’s a skipping issue happening. Its only a split second or so, but its happening in some shows with unfortunately some regularity. Its is in the audio itself, and I haven’t  figured out a fix to it. I apologize for this and am trying to get to the bottom of what’s causing it. Please bear with me as I work it all out. Hopefully it doesn’t distract too much from how hilarious we are from minute to minute.

Thank you all for listening!


We had a great time and have several hours of content to go through. I hope to have some stuff up tomorrow, depending on how the morning and the daughter treat me. >.>


Thank you to the fans that were there live, and to all who will listen and hopefully enjoy!


TMCtheShow loves freedom, and its fans! Thank you all!

Happy Independence Day!

Hello everyone and thanks as always for listening and checking us out here at the site!

We will be doing a “live” show from a special location BBQ later today. I also have new content to post soon, as soon as I clear up an audio issue (or dont and post it so you can make fun of us anyways).


So stay tuned for more new and fresh content. Thank you all for your patience while we tranfer over here completely to the site. The issues I was having with Libsyn were making it difficult to post full shows. I will try to set us up soon so that iTunes pulls directly from this site and there will be no more need for Libsyn anymore.


Have a great end to your holiday weekend (for those in the US who have off today ;p) and keep listening!


Thank you all for listening!

Biergarten Opening

For those of you fans who are local, dont forget that the Plattduetsche Biergarten Summer Opening is happening on Fri. June 3rd.


Relevant information can be found:


Hope to see some of you there!

Website nearing completion…

After my latest “lesson” with the sexy beast known as the UK transplant from Dutchlandia Marc, I have a better handle on the inner working of the site. I hope to be adding content and updating post and podcasts soon for all to enjoy. Lets all give Marc a big shout out on! Listen to some kick ass dubstep while we are at it.

Thanks everyone for your patience.